Chicago Software Process Improvement Network

(C-SPIN) Meeting

Thursday, January 11, 2001


Process Asset Library Panel


For January we have a unique presentation for SPIN members. We have four SPIN members from different companies in our area who have agreed to talk about the implementation and use of their Process Asset Libraries (PAL). Our first panelist, Bob Ferguson, will present a PAL from an SEPG perspective. Next, Karen Johns will focus on a PAL for software testing processes. Third, Michael Baldwin will present an implementation of a packaged PAL. Our final panelist, Bob Raczynski, will present Motorola's Network Product Division's (NPD's) implementation of a PAL.


The panelists were asked to develop their PAL presentations around five areas of focus:


      The model or models used to develop their PAL

      The organizational structure of their PAL

      The navigational view(s) of their PAL

      Maintenance requirements of their PAL

      General questions on training, tailoring and use of their PAL for assessments/audits


The presentations will be followed by an open discussion period where members of the SPIN audience can ask more detailed questions surrounding these areas of focus and/or other areas of interest.


Bob Ferguson, 3COM

Bob Ferguson is Manager of SEPG for 3Com's Carrier Networks division. He has been actively working in software metrics and process improvement for about five years. Bob is also a member of the CSPIN Steering Committee.


Karen Johns, Mosaic, Inc.

Karen Johns is a consultant with Mosaic, Inc. She has over 20 years of experience in information systems quality assurance with emphasis on software testing, methodology consulting, project management, and training. Karen is currently responsible for Mosaic's Structured Testing and Assessment Repository (MSTAR). MSTAR is a browser-based PAL for testing, which is designed to be used on a stand-alone PC or on a corporate intranet.


Michael P. Baldwin, Anexsys L.L.C.

Michael is the Director of Quality at Anexsys and is responsible for the overall quality of Anexsys systems, encompassing quality assurance of development processes and quality control (testing) and configuration management of the developed products. He leads his organization's SEPG in their organization-wide effort for software process improvement. He is a member of the SEI and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).


Bob Raczynski, Motorola, Inc.

Bob Raczynski is currently a manager in the Configuration Management and Data Infrastructure group in the Personal Communications Sector (PCS) at Motorola. He has worked as a Software Engineer for AT&T Bell Labs, Country Companies Insurance, and Motorola. Bob received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from DeVry Institute of Technology and a Master of Science degree in Applied Computer Science from Illinois State University.