Chicago Software Process Improvement Network (C-SPIN) Meeting

Thursday, April 5, 2001

Extreme Programming (XP)

Martin Fowler, ThoughtWorks, Inc.


Software development is still done with very little process and discipline. This is a known problem and for many years there have been processes that try to fix this. But most of these have had their own faults, in particular adding a large burden of work that adds questionable value. In the last few years a new breed of "agile" processes has appeared. These seek to provide a process that's better suited to the nature of software development, particularly in situations where the requirements are volatile and not well understood.

In this talk Mr. Fowler will discuss these agile processes, looking at the things that make them different from more traditional processes. He will also talk about their similarities and differences, with an emphasis on the best known and most controversial of these processes known as XP or Extreme Programming.

Martin Fowler is the Chief Scientist for ThoughtWorks, an Internet professional services provider specializing in the delivery of highly strategic B2B e-Commerce solutions. For a decade he was an independent consultant pioneering the use of objects in developing business information systems. He's worked with technologies including Smalltalk, C++, object and relational databases, and EJB with domains including leasing, payroll, derivatives trading and healthcare. He is particularly known for his work in patterns, the UML, lightweight methodologies, and refactoring. He has written four books: Analysis Patterns, Refactoring, the award winning UML Distilled, and Planning Extreme Programming.