Chicago Software Process Improvement Network

(C-SPIN) Meeting


Thursday, May 3, 2001



Lessons Learned from the SEPG 2001 Conference


A panel of four conference attendees from the area will summarize some of their most valuable insights from the conference:  Ben Burrows of SBC/Ameritech, Susan Davidowski of Northrop Grumman Corp., Donna Miller of Cingular Wireless, and Vijay Reddy of Covansys.  Areas to be covered include estimation, metrics and measurement, practitioner-driven process improvement, progress to CMM 2 and beyond in a multi-organization structure, and integrating Six Sigma and CMM for process improvement. 

About the SEPG 2001 Conference:  "Focusing on the Delta"

Software Engineering Process Group Conference                            March 12 - 15, 2001 in New Orleans
SEPG 2001, the 13th Software Engineering Process Group Conference, is the premier international conference and exhibit showcase for software process professionals. 


In partnership with the Pittsburgh Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN), the Charlotte SPIN, the Great Lakes SPIN, the International Association of Process Lead Assessors (IAPLA), the San Diego SPIN and the Seattle SPIN, the Software Engineering Institute has created a four-day event filled with plenary sessions, invited presentations, tutorials, panel discussions, informal networking, and an exhibit showcase