Chicago Software Process Improvement Network

(C-SPIN) Meeting


Thursday, June 7, 2001



How to Incorporate a Quality Transformation into your Organization


Presenter:Monica Turner Hill


Quality is not just the responsibility of the Test Group.This presentation will cover how to document areas of Quality Gaps throughout your organization within the SDLC.Once the gaps have been identified the presentation will walk through how to form process improvement groups, Doís and Doníts, how to determine current state and desired state and how to plan the process for getting from current state to desired state.The presentation covers how to get all levels of the organization involved from the executive level for funding to the middle level for support and the lower level for execution.


Monica Turner Hill is Director of Quality, Cingular Wireless (formerly BellSouth Cellular and SBC Wireless).Prior to this job she was the Senior Manager for the Project Management Office.She is a certified PMP and currently studying for her CQA certification.She has 15 years of experience in Wireless and during that time she has worked on seven Process Improvement projects.She has a BBA in Information Systems from the University of West Georgia.Due to the need to balance a husband and three children with her job, she is a strong advocate for process improvements.She feels that focus on process improvements will benefit both work projects and a balanced personal life.