Chicago Software Process Improvement Network
(C-SPIN) Meeting
Thursday, October 4, 2001


Professionalized Project Management in Software Development

Kerinia Cusick
ESI International  


Project management plays a key role in successful software development projects, and in reaching higher levels of the Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model. Yet, many software developers are only vaguely aware of the role, scope and magnitude effective project management plays in bringing a project to a successful completion. This talk give software developers the background to periodically pull back from their daily tasks, viewing their activities from the perspective of the project as whole and how they contribute to overall project success.


Ms. Cusick is an experienced project manager having been responsible for projects in all phases of the product development lifecycle. Her project management career started at Grumman Aerospace where she was the assistant project manager for the large-scale production of fighter aircraft avionics. At Hughes, Ms. Cusick managed projects in the concept development phase, leading teams of systems analysts, and being responsible for the architecture of a nation-wide national defense program. At Space and Communications, Kerinia led the integration of a satellite ground system for an international customer. Most of these projects involved numerous customers and contractors distributed across the nation or internationally.


As a consultant, Ms. Cusick has been involved in defining national standards for systems engineering (Systems Engineering Capability Maturity Model), product development, team formation and maintenance, and leadership (Integrated Product Development Capability Maturity Model). She has helped numerous companies implement project management effectively, and is an expert in organizational change.


Since joining ESI International in 1999, Kerinia is closely involved in developing new products for ESI and tracking emerging trends in the project management industry. She also works closely with clients on the West Coast, developing customized solutions, and generally doing what is needed to help companies transition to a project management culture.


Kerinia holds a M.S. in Systems Management from University of Southern California and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University.