Chicago Software Process Improvement Network
(C-SPIN) Meeting
Thursday, January 9, 2003

The Art of Finding That Perfect Career Position:
A Question and Answer Period with the Experts

Fran Linhart / Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)
Paul Soderlind / Spherion
John Fortino / Resource Dynamics Technologies

During a recent steering committee meeting, the economy was being discussed. It became obvious to all that employment for the IT professional is extremely volatile and chaotic – to say the least. With more and more cutbacks and company failures, many highly talented IT professionals suddenly find themselves on the outside looking in – to quote Smokey Robinson and the Mighty Motown Miracles. Therefore, we decided, to meet our memberships needs, to plan a meeting a meeting to help address this employment issue in which the membership could ask questions of those in the know.

This January’s meeting will take the form of a panel discussion answering questions regarding job searches. The panelists include an expert in IT Certification, and two experts in recruitment, all being local IT professionals. Since the entire meeting will be questions and answers from the membership, individual members are asked to submit their questions prior to meeting to Lance Welter at Object Mentor – In this way, each of our panelists will be able to research any questions where needed. Then, at the January meeting, our moderator, Alan Cohen, will ask these questions of our panel of experts for all to hear.

Panel Members:

Fran Linhart

Fran brings a breath of knowledge in the Information Technology Certification Arena. Fran has taken several major IT Certifications from theory and concept to actual certification administration. As the marketplace shrinks, the need for differentiation increases and certification is one of the best methods for this differentiation. Fran will be available to address questions regarding certification and the use of it for employment.

John Fortino, Managing Partner, Resource Dynamics
Paul Soderlind, Consultant Recruiter, Spherion

Both John and Paul bring that valued insight needed to help you find that perfect position. They will field questions regarding resumés, cover letters, interviewing, interview tactics, hot areas of IT and not so hot areas of IT, the use of the Internet in job searches, as well as those all important ones on networking.