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April 6, 1995
"The Value of Software Improvement"
Karl D. Williams - Manager of Training and Consulting for Process and Quality, Motorola University

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The Value of Software Improvement

For several years, the value of software improvement has been left to faith and intuition. Unfortunately, much improvement has been avoided or rationalized away because of lack of real, tangible evidence. Fortunately, there is now significant data from over 100 of the world's software leaders that demonstrates strong and varied insight regarding the value of software improvement. Values of software improvement from a business, a manager's, and a practitioner's standpoint will be presented.

The data which will be shared has been gathered from over five years of findings, and crosses all software business boundaries from MIS to Missile Systems while encompassing 2,500 LOC to 30,000,000 LOC. Findings will be presented in the context of the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Capability Maturity Model (CMM) framework.

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