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October 5, 1995
"Inspections: Leveraging Returns"

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Inspections: Leveraging Returns - Panel Discussion

Lynda Karz  - Northrop Grumman

Lynda will present the framework employed by the Northrop Grumman ESID-EWS software development organization for the formal collection of software workproduct peer review data and some actual peer review data. This data is used to manage product quality and may ultimately be used to monitor inspection effectiveness.

Dean Fritz - Motorola

Dean will present Motorola Cellular Infrastructure Group quality improvement data associated with implementing Fagan Inspections for documents and source code. Additionally, a method for estimating cost avoidance associated with quality improvements will be discussed.

Tim Olson - Quality Improvement Consultants, Juran Institute Assoc.

Tim will present an approach for measuring ROI and describe some measurable results that you can expect when conducting your software inspections. Top management in many organizations won't make the investment or commitment to software quality without a cost benefit analysis or some demonstrated early results. To make matters worse, studies indicate that 80% of all quality efforts have no measurable results or improvement. One of the best ways to demonstrate early results is by piloting software inspections. Recent advances in software process improvement allow organizations to demonstrate early return on investment (ROI) within 6-12 months.

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