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November 8, 1995
"Developing a Mature Profession of Software Engineering"
Gary Ford, Sr. Scientist, Software Engineering Institute (SEI)

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Developing a Mature Profession of Software Engineering

What is a profession? What is a mature profession? What would characterize a mature profession of software engineering? This talk describes the work at the Software Engineering Institute to answer these questions and to accelerate the development of such a profession.

Definition of the term "profession" sugests that there are nine components: initial professional education, accreditation of education, skills development (continuing education and training), a code of ethics, a code of practice, and a professional society (although not every profession has all nine components). Each component can be characterized as being in one of about three states of maturity. The talk will describe these components in the context of well-known professions such as medicine and in the context of software engineering, assess their current maturity, and propose steps to increase that maturity.

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