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February 6, 1997
"How Metrics Influence Behavior - (and What to Do)"
John Durbin - Andersen Consulting, LLP

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"How Metrics Influence Behavior - (and What to Do)"

Introducing metrics will influence individual's behavior. This can result in both constructive and destructive behaviors.

This presentation will discuss how software metrics programs usually fail because of people and organizational issues, and it will address a few of the ways to better anticipate and avoid negative behavior issues. This presentation will briefly cover:


John Durbin is currently working on Andersen Consulting's Software Metrics Initiative to achieve consistent metrics for all development projects for Andersen's 40,000 plus developers across the globe.

John has worked in IT for 20 years in manufacturing companies and 10 years in consulting organizations. (Digital Equipment Corp., SHL Systemhouse, Dexter Corp., Baxter International, Bell and Howell).

Having started as an Industrial Engineer developing time standards for direct labor - incentive pay, John has significant and direct experience with the influences of metrics on people.

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