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July 10, 1997
“Just Say No??? -- Managing Application Scope through More Effective Requirements Management”
Dean Leffingwell, Rational Software Corporation

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Just Say No??? -- Managing Application Scope through More Effective Requirements Management

Success demands that tough choices be made at every stage of the application development life cycle. A recent research report from the Standish Group highlighted the continuing quality and delivery problems in our industry and identified the three leading causes:

In addition, research has repeatedly shown that eliminating errors in the requirements phase costs from 10-100 times less than repairing the defect at later phases in the project.

It is apparent that an effective requirements management process is THE key to delivering high quality applications on time. This presentation highlights current topics in requirements management with a view towards identifying and eliminating requirements errors early.

Topics covered include: definition of requirements management, an overview of requirements elicitation techniques, guidelines and standards for organizing and documenting requirements, and managing change. A short and effective process for managing project scope concludes the presentation.


Dean Leffingwell is a Vice President of Rational Software Corporation and is General Manager of the Requirements Management business unit. He is an accomplished businessman who has served as a member of the board of directors of a number of public and private companies. He is also an authority in the field of requirements management and software quality, having published numerous articles in the field and is a frequent speaker on the topic. Mr. Leffingwell holds a Masters Degree in Engineering from the University of Colorado.

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