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Updated 4 Apr 1998

April 2, 1998 Estimating Roundtable

(Postponed from January 8, 1998)
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Estimating Roundtable

Estimating Software Development with COCOMO
Margaret Lakins
There are many estimating models for software development, each with its strengths and weaknesses. One model is called COCOMO (for Constructive COst MOdel). The purpose of this discussion is to provide an overview of the COCOMO model so that you can begin using the model within your organization. this discussion is based upon the textbook of the model, Software Engineering Economics by Barry W. Boehm, and upon my personal use of the model for various software development projects.
Estimating COST TO FIX
Robert P. Schmidt
We all agree that most defects originate early in the life cycle and that the cost to fix them escalates as the project matures. An approach is proposed to reduce the number and impact of defects early in the life cycle, and to accurately estimate the cost to fix those defects and to prioritize the project activities.
Using Subjective Linear Models: A Reliable Alternative to "Shooting from the Hip"
J. Scott Stribrny
Mr. Stribrny will describe how to quickly build subjective linear models to outperform expert intuition for both forecasting and decision-making. He will share some of the findings of several studies that demonstrate the limits of professional intuition. He also will present how a simple subjective linear modeling procedure worked well to overcome the problems of random inconsistency of estimates and inability to effectively process a large quantity of project information.


Margaret Lakins, Ameritech
Margaret Lakins is currently Ameritech's Corporate I/S Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) Director, where she is leading an effort to define software engineering processes that will help to improve quality, reduce cost and deliver business capability of Ameritech's software applications. Before joining Ameritech, she worked in the software engineering (development, project management and process improvement) field for Westinghouse, Singer Kearfott and Northrop Grumman. In total, Margaret has more than 18 years of software engineering experience. Margaret has a BS degree in Physics from Carnegie-Mellon University and a Master of Engineering Management degree from Northwestern University.
Robert P. Schmidt, Computer Resource Solutions
Robert P. Schmidt is a consultant with Computer Resource Solutions (CRS) and is currently on a DB2 project at Allstate Insurance. He has been in mainframe data processing since 1983, and at many Fortune 100 shops in the Midwest. Bob has managed loss prevention operations for an insurance consulting firm, and has worked in sales, real estate, and community organization management. He was a personnel specialist in the Vietnam war. He returned to Harper College in 1983 for data processing classes after an original college major in sociology and liberal arts.
J. Scott Stribrny, Group Atlantic
In his present role as Managing Director of Group Atlantic, Mr. Stribrny provides expertise in improving product quality, development productivity and process manageability to senior executives in many industries. He possesses more than two decades of experience in product development and innovation management, including several years as an internal consultant to a Fortune 50 business engaged in process redesign. His accumulated management experience ranges from companies in information services to telecommunications and manufacturing. Mr. Stribrny's current management interests include managing change and new paradigms for organizational design. He is also the C-SPIN Steering Committee Leader.

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