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Updated 30 Jun 1998

Change Management in Two Views: Panel
Thursday, June 4, 1998

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Change Management in Two Views: Panel

"Software Release Certification: Managing Change through Sharing Project Responsibilities"
Nancy Kastl
A software certification process is an effective project management tool to avoid "eleventh hour" surprises. Certification fosters communication and participation by all impacted business and technical organizations by defining their requirements and project activities (i.e., certification items) and collectively certifying (and sharing responsibility) for the readiness of the software and its related components. The end-result of software certification is a well-managed and stable production processing environment. This presentation will address 1) the purpose and benefits of a certification process, 2) roles and responsibilities of all participants, 3) steps in the certification process, and 4) reporting and metrics.
"Change Management: Going Beyond the Bits and Bytes to Get the Bucks"
James Carlini
Mr. Carlini will discuss understanding and conveying the five levels of technology to sell applications in a TQM environment. He will also relate experiences on complex projects that incorporate change management including the Chicago 9-1-1 Center project, a hospital project, and others.


Nancy Kastl, KASLEN Group, Inc.
Nancy Kastl is president of the KASLEN Group, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in software quality, process management, measurement, and project management. Nancy is a consultant, facilitator, and instructor with twenty-five years of experience in application development and software quality assurance. Nancy assists IT organization in implementing successful software quality methods, including methodologies, standards, project management practices, project reviews, and software certification.

Nancy has an MBA degree in Information Systems and a BS degree in Mathematics and Psychology. She is a Certified Quality Analyst (CQA) and has been very active in the advancement of quality practices and principles since 1981. She is a frequent speaker at conferences, serves on advisory boards, and is the founder of the Chicago Quality Assurance Association. As an instructor for the Quality Assurance Institute, Nancy conducts seminars on IT measurement and software quality management internationally.
James Carlini, Northwestern University and Carlini & Associates, Inc.
James Carlini is on staff at Northwestern University and has developed the new undergraduate communications systems program. He is also president of Carlini & Associates, Inc.--a Hinsdale, Illinois-based strategic information and consulting firm that specializes in complex international networks and applications.

He has also published over 200 articles on various information and communications technology topics.

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