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Updated 3 Aug 1998

Integrated Process and Project Management and
The Capability Maturity Model
Thursday, July 9, 1998

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Integrated Process and Project Management and
The Capability Maturity Model

The business need for integrated process and project management has been established. It is now time to revisit its value and contribution to an enterprise's software delivery practice. During the early to mid nineties, the Software Engineering Institute and its Capability Maturity Model (CMM) identified the business value and composition of integrated process and project management. This, however, included a number of implied rather than expressed meanings such as:

We have always been in the business of managing and controlling user expectations for applications delivery. Integrated process and project management provides the discipline and framework to do this with greater speed, productivity and quality. Our challenge for the remainder of the nineties and beyond is significant. It requires extraordinary and creative solutions. These are some of the necessary requirements for survival in our new and more demanding environment.


Edmund A. Dante
V.P., Applications Lifecycle Solutions Division
PLATINUM technology, inc.

Mr. Dante has extensive experience in both the domestic and international consulting and software products marketplaces. As former president of Princeton Management Sciences, operating out of Princeton and London, he was responsible for defining product vision, evolving product architecture and assuring commercial product delivery and marketing.

Mr. Dante has authored and developed a number of internationally distributed commercial products and conceptual frameworks supporting the enterprise-wide business needs of the Global 5000 companies and the top IT services organizations worldwide.

Mr. Dante has written a number of industry level white papers and articles (viz., "Process Management, Project Management and the Capability Maturity Model"; "Continuous Improvement of the Software Delivery Practice"; "Methods Techniques and Tools for Software Delivery Environments"; "Project Management for the Enterprise-- A New Paradigm"). He has also been a key program participant in the James Martin Insight Series covering Measures and Metrics.

Mr. Dante frequently conducts executive level seminars on Continuous Improvement, Measures and Metrics, Implementing Integrated Process and Project Management Solutions, Planning and Estimating for IS Delivery and Successful Methods and Process Deployment.

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