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Updated 14 Dec 1999

An Executive Panel on Recruiting, Retention and Organizational Questions
Thursday, November 4, 1999

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An Executive Panel on Recruiting, Retention and Organizational Questions

For November we have a unique presentation for SPIN members. We have an executive panel of three vice presidents from different firms in our area who have agreed to discuss recruiting, retention and organizational questions. These executives demonstrate the high level of commitment to process improvement by their respective firms.

Our questions are geared toward sustaining process improvement and the difficulty of training and retaining the staff. Peter Wilson, VP from Mosaic, Inc., will moderate the panel. The participants are:

Chris Millington, VP, McDonald's Corp.
Dave Opferman, VP, Motorola, Inc.
Chuck Hunnicutt, VP R&D, Comnet

This may be an opportunity for SPIN members to bring their own management whether to network, to listen or to ask specific questions of their own.

Here are our suggested questions:

1) What approaches are you and your company using to recruit and retain people?

2) How do you keep process improvements in place and expand them as your staff grows?

3) Project management always requries some kind of matrixed organization. Either you align along the technology and matrix in the business domain people, or you align along the business domain and matrix in the technology people. Which style do you use and how do you do to train the people who are matrixed?

4) What competencies are needed for a successful software development organization relative to:

- Teamwork
- Delivering value to the business
- Change agent
- Leadership
- Technical

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